Northern/Ireland Feminist Constitutional Futures

About Fem Con


Mainie Jellett 1897–1944

Fem Con aims to establish for new interventions in feminist constitutional drafting and design. We also aim to produce feminist constitutional texts (and other alternate forms) for Northern/Ireland through participatory feminist drafting and design.  We aim to articulate feminist solutions to constitutional problems and  demonstrate the potential for feminist constitutional drafting and design.  The project is based in Ireland and Northern Ireland.


Over the course of the project we hope to:

  • Establish a new form of Legal Feminist Activism hoping to have a practical and theoretical impact.
  • Explore how constitutions are made and how we could go about writing a feminist constitution.
  • Produce feminist constitutional texts & other materials.
  • Ensure all those who are interested in a feminist constitutional future are equipped with the experience, confidence and know-how to engage in constitutional debates about our future
  • Imagining a feminist utopia in the island’s future and what that might mean & how we get there.

Project Coordinators

Aoife O'Donoghue

Aoife O'Donoghue

Professor, Queen's University Belfast

Aoife is Professor of Law and Queen’s University Belfast works on public international law, constitutionalism and feminism with a particular interest in global law, global governance and legal theory. It examines constitutionalism (global), tyranny, utopias and feminism, global legal theory and international legal history. Aoife’s work also centres on prefiguration and scale as well as aspects of Brexit that affect Ireland and Northern Ireland

 Máiréad Enright

Máiréad Enright

Professor, Birmingham University

Máiréad is Professor of Law at Birmingham University research is in feminist legal studies and critical legal theory, with a particular focus on law and religion. She has written on issues including reproductive justice, law reform and grassroots organising, illegality in social movements, responses to historical injustice and obstetric violence.  She often works with and advises groups campaigning around reproductive rights and historical gender-based violence.

Catherine O'Rourke

Catherine O'Rourke

Professor, Durham University

Catherine O’Rourke is Professor of Global Law at Durham Law School. She researches, teaches and engages in policy work in the fields of gender, conflict and international law. Catherine is centrally interested in the regulation of women’s rights in conflict under international law, and has relevant expertise across international humanitarian law, international human rights law, international criminal law and the UN Security Council. 

Contact details or (twitter) @FemConFutures